Tree Technique has built a reputation as a professional service provider with the experience, integrity, and flexibility to provide cost-effective and dependable solutions for a wide range of circumstances.

Lee Anderson, the principal consultant delivers impartial advice and solutions tailored to each client’s needs. His advice is based on his extensive experience, knowledge and understanding, and is guided by the latest scientific peer reviewed resources, current industry best practice, and relevant statutory laws, regulations and guidelines.

Tree Technique works closely with clients to develop solutions to ensure their safety and enjoyment of trees within the constraints of the built environment.Tree Technique works with;

  • private landowners
  • developers
  • government agencies
  • schools
  • councils

Our professional services are appropriate and targeted to the needs of the client. Our services include on-site advice, consultation through all design stages, written reports and supervision.

Tree Technique is committed to ethical and responsible work standards and we encourage our clients to review our professional qualifications and insurance cover.

Call to chat with us: 0498 176 484

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