Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow

When was the last time that you planted a tree? Thought like a tree? Thought about the tree on your nature strip?

The urban forest has a long lifecycle from the very first moment that a seedling’s roots touch the earth, to when a street tree’s limbs are lopped and lowered to the ground.

There are substantial issues for landscape workers to deal with within that lifespan, including the formulation of best practice techniques for the modern world and the complex legislative environment.

At the annual Treenet conference held at the Waite Arboretum in Adelaide, nursery people, arborists, council workers and researchers come together to discuss the challenges and successes of the arboreal industry.

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Image: Arborist Lee Anderson uses a new technique to ensure the safety of a possum within a hollow while felling a tree limb. (Ann Jones)





Image: Lee Anderson uses a soft hammer to ascertain how far a hollow in a branch extends. (Ann Jones)

Image: Arborist Lee Anderson safely secures a possum within its own hollow. (Ann Jones)