elm leaf beetle damaged leaf

Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

At Tree Technique depending on the tree's growing environment the prefer the method of treatment for elm leaf beetle is trunk injection. This method significantly reduces the amount of chemical used and release into the environment and minimises off target impacts; aiming to specifically treat the problem pest and tree and not everything around it. Most importantly, it significantly reduces the loss of other insect beneficial to our environment that maybe subject to greater impact of soil drenching is used.

Tree Risk Assessments

Trees are dynamic living organisms that require professional management to ensure the safety of people living and playing around them. Buildings and structures can be extensively damaged from tree failure. Property owners have a duty of care to properly maintain their tree assets.

Pre-development Assessments

The Pre-Development Report is a preliminary tree survey to guide the design and layout of the proposed development. The report preempts the constraints to development faced by property owners, developers and architects when the retention of significant trees are properly considered within your local regulatory context.

Arboriculture Impact Reports

An Arboricultural Impact report is often stipulated by Councils as a condition of development approval where a development is likely to affect significant trees located on-site or within a neighbouring property.

Tree Health Assessments

Keeping your trees healthy, attractive and safe starts by selecting the right tree for the location. From there its important to keep the growing conditions optimal to ensure your trees stay at peak health during their long life. Tree health can be adversely affected by any number of limiting factors: pests, disease, decay, nutrition, soil, water, climate and physical damage, to name just a few.