Trees are dynamic living organisms that require professional management to ensure the safety of people living and playing around them. Buildings and structures can be extensively damaged from tree failure. Property owners have a duty of care to properly maintain their tree assets.

Split trunk

Split trunk

Tree hazards can often be identified and corrected in the early stages of their development. Periodic inspection of trees by a skilled professional has proven to be the most cost-effective solution for responsible tree management. Mitigation costs are relatively small and are manageable within the constraints of your budget. Risk to personal injury or property damage is minimised on a regular basis, and responsible tree management is seen by regulatory authorities as central to your asset management practice.

The alternative is reactive management: a do nothing approach until catastrophe strikes. Costs are amplified by litigation after damage, death or injury, increased insurance premiums, and expensive tree works.

Tree Technique is fully qualified in Tree Risk Assessment and can offer a range of solutions appropriate to your needs. Call us to organise an informal visit to discuss your concerns or future plans. Together we can develop a strategic approach that anticipates the risk from tree failure and maximises your safety.